Workout Challenge

Happy December!!!  I can’t believe December is here already!  I love the Christmas season, but with the season comes an abundence of parties, food, alcoholic treats – which is of course all FUN but makes the start of the new year a little less fun when your pants are fitting a little tighter!  I always TRY not to over indulge during the holidays but I eventually give in to the Christmas spirit and find myself lifting cookies as opposed to weights, and getting my cardio in by shopping for gifts!

The other day, I read about the 2012 Closeout Challenge on Courtney’s blog, and decided to give it a shot!  Basically, the challenge is to pick 3-5 exercises and complete a total of 2012 repetitions during the month of December.  Sound easy enough?      After finishing 12 weeks of bootcamp, I was familiar with a good number of exercises that I knew would whip my booty into shape. I decided on the following:

2012 workout

It comes out to 1 plank a day, and roughly 16 of all the other exercises.  I have a feeling I will be regretting my choice of burpees…



So hopefully between this, and my half marathon next weekend (eeeeek!) I will be ringing in 2013 feeling great!  You can follow the challenge on twitter/instagram with the hashtag #closeoutworkout.  Who is down to take on the challenge with me?