5 on Friday – The Sick Edition

Happy Friday!  It really does seem like it was just last friday, and I honestly wish it still was.  I ended up getting sick last weekend while in Austin and am currently still fighting off what ended up being strep throat.  More like the world’s worst case of strep throat, at least that I have ever had!


I thought I would share my top 5 saving graces while being sick.


Full House



“You got it dude!”  One of the perks of being home during the work week is the ability to catch re-runs upon re-runs of classic childhood television.  I think I have watched a total of 25 episodes this week.  I did get angry reach a low point when I realized that the same episodes from the morning also play again in the afternoon.  No worries…I quickly found some episodes of “Boy Meets World” to ease my pain.


Green Tea



I am usually more of an iced sweet tea drinking girl, but since my throat has felt like it has a cactus shoved in back of it, I was willing to try anything.  I picked these K-Cups up randomly as a last minute purchase while stocking up on soft cold food items the other day and was pleasantly surprised.  It feels so good on my throat and has a nice citrusy taste.  I can see myself drinking these even when I am not sick.  I think they would taste good iced on a hot summer day!


Personal Sized Blender

mini blender

(via) – mine is red 🙂

This was another Christmas gift I received but I didn’t use it until this week.  When my throat hurt so bad I couldn’t eat I busted out this bad boy and made a protein shake which held me over for about 30 minutes BUT it was much easier than busting out (and then cleaning) my huge blender.  This personal sized blender doubles as a cup so you can just pop it off, and start sipping away!  This week has been perfect for experimenting with shakes since I haven’t had much of an appetite and been craving cold treats.  I also used this to make my new favorite frozen treat…


Gatorade Slushies

This recipe will blow your mind…but beware it is very complicated:  Fill blender with ice and then fill with your favorite flavor of Gatorade.  Blend.  Ta-Daaaa!


(Zebra Snuggie is optional)

Simple, yet so refreshing.  I feel like these would make an excellent pool drink in the summer with the addition of vodka! 🙂


Cold Treats

In addition to the Gatorade Slushies mentioned above, I stocked up on a large supply of Jello, pudding, sherbet, and popsicles which are all a dream come true on my poor throat.  Plus, when else can I allow myself to eat this much sugar without feeling guilty?  PS the sherbet is my favorite and reminds me of that yummy punch that is always served at bridal showers!  Also, why is it spelled “Sherbet” and not “Sherbert”?


(My grocery store haul)

That’s all folks!  Hopefully I am on the upswing and will be back to 100% next week.  I am looking forward to not cringing in pain every time I swallow or eat! 😦  Have a great weekend!

db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d-1I am linking up with the fun ladies above again!

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Taste of Tuesday – Skinny Southwest Crockpot Chicken

Happy Tuesday!  I am super excited to be linking up with Ashley and Jessica today!  I have been reading both of their blogs for awhile so I am glad to finally participate in their weekly linkup!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Santa brought me a Crockpot and I couldn’t be more obsessed with it!  I resisted the idea of a Crockpot for a few years with the hesitation that it would make way more food than I was willing to deal with.  I usually only like eating leftovers for 1 or maybe 2 meals depending on how amazing the meal turns out.  After a ton of searching for “small portion crockpot recipes” I finally just decided I would tweak recipes to not make enough to serve an army.  Here is what I made the other night that still has me wishing there were leftovers!


Skinny Southwest Crockpot Chicken Salad Bowls

(original recipe)

Chicken breasts (you can pretty much use any amount of chicken.  I used .66 lbs because like I said above I was just trying to make enough for my boyfriend and I with enough for me to take leftovers for lunch)


For the Chicken:

1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles, drained

1 can of black beans, drained

1 cup of frozen corn

1 can of low sodium chicken broth

Half of a green pepper, diced

Salt and Pepper to taste (I just threw a few shakes in)

Spices:  Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper (1 tsp of each) and then 2 TBSP of low sodium taco seasoning (I used Mrs Dash)

tip – I pretty much always use taco seasoning when a recipe is “mexicany” in any way.  It gives it a good boost of flavor!

For the salad base:

1 bag of romaine lettuce shreds and 1 bag of iceberg lettuce shreds (thought I would be fancy by mixing up the lettuce varieties but it doesn’t really matter what kind you use)

1 package of pre-made pico de gallo – or make your own


Salsa and plain greek yogurt for topping (I mixed some taco seasoning and tabasco sauce in my greek yogurt mixture to give it some additional flavor and liked how it turned out)


Combine all ingredients listed for the chicken into a crockpot (don’t forget your liner!  Ain’t nobody got time to scrub dishes!) and set on low for 8-10 hours.  I was working from home for the day so I put everything in mid morning and let it cook for about 9 hours.  I constantly found myself in the kitchen lifting the lid and taking a whiff of this southwestern goodness!  After 8-10 hours scoop out the chicken pieces and move to a larger bowl where you can use 2 forks to shred the chicken up.  I found that it was pretty much already shredded up at this point but I just made sure all the pieces were broken up.  I then scooped out all the corn, beans, and tomatoes and added them to the chicken mixture leaving only the liquids in the Crockpot.  Add your chicken mixture to your salad base and voila – it’s like you are eating a Chipotle Burrito Bowl in the comfort of your own home!  Enjoy!

Hello Again + Pinterest Challenge

Well hello there!  Clearly blogging wasn’t in the cards for me in 2013, but hoping that 2014 will be a different game!  I discovered a ton of fun blogs last year that I enjoy stalking reading daily which have inspired me to get back on the blog train!  I also made a new years resolution to attempt to utilize more of my 4000+ Pinterest pins and plan to share those pinning attempts here.  Here is a look at how the first full week of 2014 pinned, I mean played out:

1.  Crock Pot Orange Chicken (1.2.14)



My first ever recipe in my new Crockpot that Santa brought me that I am now OBSESSED with!  What took me so long to get on board?

2. Leopard, Red, and Denim (1.3.14)


(original inspiration pin had a shady link)  Excuse my selfie…I thought I was being cute by mimicking the exact stance of the model but now realize I just look like a goof!

3. My Fit Foods Dupes from The Slender Student (1.5.14)


(via my instagram)

Seriously.  Go out and buy the ingredients in her shopping list (how convenient of her right?) and make these now!  You will thank yourself in the morning when you don’t have to scramble around to pack a lunch and you will also get to enjoy a healthy tasty lunch!  FYI these are a little on the spicy side but can be adjusted.

4.  Puffy Vest and Plaid (1.7.14)


(original inspiration pin found here)

I love my new puffy vest from Old Navy!  I was pumped to find it on sale while home in San Antonio for Christmas!  It is sold out online, but you may still be able to snag it in a store near you!

5.  & 6. Coral, Denim, and Leopard with a “Fake” knot tied scarf


(original inspiration pin found here)



7. Pink and Black



Not that exciting but it was an outfit I pin I attempts to use so it counts!  I didn’t take a pic of my own outfit, but I styled it with my new Old Navy sweater (which I got on sale for $8!) over a pink long sleeved shirt I got at the Gap a few years ago paired with leggings.   It was a comfy outfit but left me feeling a little blah (hence why there was not a pic ha!).

8.  Southwest Crockpot Chicken


Original recipe found here.  I altered it a little and served it on top of lettuce shreds with pico de gallo, salsa, and a scoop of greek yogurt mixed with taco seasoning.  It was delicious!!  We loved it and I have a feeling this will become a repeat dish!

9.  Mustard Jeans and Stripes


(original inspiration pin found here)

This was my “casual friday” outfit from last week.  Oh how I wish I could wear jeans every day…or even better – leggings!!

I always seem to find myself pinning a bajillion scarf tying tutorials but never end up attempting them.  However, I have a feeling this one will become my new go-to method.  It is much better than the lumpy awkward knot I used to find myself tying!

To follow me in this 2014 pin-teresting experiment, you can follow the Pinterest board here!

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Friday Favs

Today I am doing my first ever blog link up with one of my fav (former Dallas) bloggers, The Bargain Blonde to share some of my current favorite things:


I have said it before, but I LOVE getting things for free!  Since my birthday was yesterday, my email has been blowing up the past 2 weeks with nonstop deals.  I love it!  So far I have cashed in my free Which Wich, Starbucks, Jason’s Deli, and Yummilicious fro-yo!  I still have a few more to redeem next week and looking forward to it!

 Chiffon Tops

I am seriously obsessed!!  If it’s made of chiffon, I pretty much want it on my body asap.  I actually got a total of 4 for my birthday from my cousins Stephanie and Julie!  One of which happens to be this exact shirt:


 Animal Print

ROAR! I have always been a fan of animal print and I love how leopard print is everywhere you look these days!  Plus it goes with almost everything and can spice up any outfit!

 Christopher Columbus

Yes, you read that right.  I love him because he discovered America…ok who am I kidding?  I love him because he is the reason I always get a 3 day weekend around my birthday!  Holla for bank holidays!!


Camp Gladiator

The final week of this session just wrapped up, but I ended up signing up for the next one!  CG STRONG!  Fun fact – CG and I have the same birthday! 🙂


I am such a late bloomer with social networking these days.  I resisted twitter for years and when I finally caved I became a tweeting maniac so it’s no surprise that the same thing is occurring with Instagram.  If you follow me, I am sorry if I am annoying!  🙂

  What are you favorite things this week??  Happy Friday!

Free Coffee Friday!

It’s no secret I LOVE me some freebies! What is it about free things that make them so much better (besides the fact you aren’t sparing any change)?? When I heard from my cousin Stephanie that 7-Eleven was offering free coffee today, I was pumped! Especially because it was a 20 oz size, and because I didn’t really have to go out of my way to get it since there is one I pass every morning (and yes, I usually go out of my way to collect my free goods – don’t judge). After a sweaty bootcamp session, I rolled up to my local 7-Eleven and filled up a red Romney cup with some hazelnut brew!


So tasty! I usually make coffee in my keurig, so different flavors are always a treat. I forgot how much I love hazelnut flavored coffee, and since it is now fall I need to stock up! Sad confession – I decided to swing by again before making my commute to the office to top off my bevie, but they were out of hazelnut! 🙂 I settled for some Brazilian Extra Bold and dumped in an extra creamer to weaken it and it was also amazing! Cheers to 7-Eleven! Happy Friday!

(this is how I look after drinking 40oz of coffee – jittery JRaab!!)