The Bucket List

What started out as a “30 before 30” list has been re-named “The Bucket List” since I am running out of time before the Big 3-0!  I will add things to the list when I think of them!

  1. Travel to Europe (Spain, 2013)
  2.  Run a 5k in less than 25 minutes
  3.  Run a Half Marathon in another state done and done!  (Chicago 2012 and Louisiana 2013!)
  4.  Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago (Completed May 2013)
  5.  Attend the Junior League Ball
  6.  Drink wine in Napa Check!
  7.  Go on a picnic at White Rock Lake
  8.  Be a bridesmaid Check!  (Bridesmaid for Stephanie and soon to be MOH for Rebecca!)
  9.  Take a trip with just my siblings
  10. Check out the new Perot Museum
  11.  Run a long distance relay (Like TIR or Ragner)
  12.  Learn to snow ski
  13.  Dine in “the big ball” aka Reunion Tower Boom! (Restaurant Week – but it still counts!)
  14.  Attend Mardi Gras (done and done…2009 and 2012)
  15.  Go camping  shocker right?  Tent and all!  #proud
  16.  Party in the city where the heat is on (“Bienvenido a Miami!” )
  17.  Go to a Broadway show in NYC
  18.  Attend the taping of a live show PRICE IS RIGHT!!!  May be the coolest day of my life!
  19.  Learn to wakeboard/waterski
  20.  Dunk my Aggie Ring (yes, I know it’s embarassing I never did it in college!)
  21. Buy a house
  22. Make real life blog friends!
  23. Go to the Dallas Aquarium
  24. Do a juice cleanse
  25. Travel to Nashville
  26. Go to a concert at the Arboretum  (Done!  Even though the Spazmatics cancelled…def want to go back!)
  27. Run a half marathon in less than 2 hours
  28. Indoor skydiving…because real sky diving is too scary!!

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